D.J For Wedding Receptions Across Leek & Staffordshire - Mobile Music @ It's Very Best With D.J Daz Allen!
I started Djing in 1989, as i had a love affair with music, so it made perfect sense.
I already had a large record collection, so it was just a case of adding to the collection.
I've worked at so many different venues over the years and for so many different people, it's all added to my experience as a mobile DJ.
My first break came at the Cock Inn public house in Leek in 1990 where i was appointed resident DJ. Unbelievably it lasted for 13 years right up until 2003.
At the same time a i was working other pubs, clubs, and was busy with lots and lots of private partes; many weeks working 4 or 5 nights a week.
I have worked for a lot of big company's over the years including Alton Towers, Bargain Booze new store launches (where we put the disco outside the shop in the street!) and Jaguar Cars dinner dances in the midlands. Very posh affairs!
Over the last 20 years records are long gone (Well i still have them somewhere in my garage) CD's are fading fast, and now i have over 26'000 songs on a hard drive keeping up with the times. Technology is fantastic and allows me to locate songs in seconds!
Since 2003 i have worked mostly on private parties, and specialised in Weddings. Consall Hall and the Hotel Rudyard both take advantage of my vast experience by offering my services as there recommended DJ.
I am currently very busy throughout the year, especially through the summer Months, mostly with Weddings.
After all these years i still love the buzz i get entertaining at parties and getting a dance floor full of people enjoying themselves! It's a great feeling! and i think it will be a few years yet before i hang up my head phones.

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